‘Non–Decent’ Homes & EPC Legislation Changes

22nd April 2020

According to research by the Centre for Ageing Better and Care & Repair England an estimated 10 people across England…

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What impact could the possible Conservative changes regarding Housing have to Landlords?

7th April 2020

Housing was at the forefront of debate during the election, and whilst the Conservatives focus is on getting Brexit done,…

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MMC the Future of BTR Construction

24th March 2020

What is MMC? Modular construction is the process where buildings are made up of individual sections or pods constructed in an off-site controlled…

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London Build to Rent report released

26th February 2020

Molior review London’s residential development market on a quarterly basis. In their overall summary of 2019 they reported that construction…

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Potential Impact of End of Help to Buy on BTR

25th February 2020

Help to Buy Schemes The current Help-to-Buy ISA, where the Government boosted your savings by 25%, closed in November 2019….

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How the property industry is helping with climate change

7th January 2020

The Government has declared a ‘climate change emergency’ and has promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by…

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