More PRS tenants are renting for longer

8th June 2017

Following the successful launch of our 2017 Tenant Survey, David Bond, Head of PRS & Build to Rent, took some…

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The launch of LSL’s 2017 Tenant Survey

12th May 2017

The 11th of May marked the launch of LSL’s highly anticipated 2017 Tenant Survey; its key findings were released to…

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PRSim welcomes a new face to its leadership team

3rd March 2017

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Jo Green as our new Director of PRS & Build to Rent Client Services….

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Housing White Paper released: PRS receives special attention

10th February 2017

This week saw the release of the highly anticipated Housing White Paper, detailing Governments remedy to the housing crisis. David…

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Lack of supply not to blame for soaring house prices

16th November 2016

The Redfern Review into the decline of home owenership says first time buyers’ low wages and lack of mortgage availability have…

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Pocket to build Europe’s tallest modular housing tower

8th November 2016

London housing developer Pocket has started work on the tallest residential tower in Europe to be built using modular construction…

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