The Future of the Private Rented Sector (PRS)

15th November 2018

Listen to David Bond, head of PRS / build to rent at PRSim and Ruban Selvanayagam from PropertySolvers discuss the future of the Private Rented Sector. The discussion covered a range of topics that will interest private and institutional landlords. Click here to hear the conversation on YouTube. Throughout the discussion David refers to to PRSim’s Tenant survey for 2018 which can be found here…

Some of the areas covered include:

  • How PRSim helps the UK’s private rented sector
  • Key findings from PRSim’s 2018 “Tenant Survey”
  • How the private rented sector’s is evolving and how the 2018 survey compares against previous years’ results
  • The key life-stage groups identified in the survey (‘younger independents’, ‘flexible professionals’, ‘budgeting families’ and ‘reconciled with renting’)
  • Common stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the build to rent sector
  • Financial accessibility of build to rent units (following on from EG’s research that average rents are 6.9% above local averages)
  • Is the UK becoming a “nation of renters” as a result of the homeownership affordability crisis?
  • Is renting in 2018 a lifestyle choice or necessity?  How easily can UK renters save for a house deposit, if that is what they want?
  • What are the barriers to entry facing renters? How the insurance industry is working with build to rent developers to offer alternative deposit schemes and other incentives;
  • What is the smaller private landlord’s position in the face of the growth of the institutionally-funded build-to-rent sector?