Ending pet ban part of “mission to improve life for tenants” says minister

7th January 2020

A pet friendly home is not a new thing to some tenants, however this weekend the Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced that he would be overhauling the model tenancy contract to remove restrictions making it easier for tenants to rent with their pets.

New build apartmentsAccording to the Ministry only 7% of rental properties are advertised as suitable for pets. In a recent LSL / Prsim tenant survey, pets came out on the top of the requirements that tenants would pay more for; followed, closely, by broadband. Whether, or not, an additional charge should be made for pet friendly properties is a choice of the landlord. By way of a caveat, following the tenant fee ban, any additional costs charged due to the inclusion of pets must be displayed clearly in any marketing.

Naturally, there needs to be a balance and landlords still need protection against badly behaved pets. The Housing Secretary’s statement adds that ‘pets bring a huge amount of joy and comfort to people’s lives helping their owners through difficult times and improving their mental and physical well-being’. With more and more people renting and for longer why should people have to wait until they are home owners to be able to have pets. Happy tenants tend to stay in a property for longer, which is beneficial for landlords. Prsim suggests that landlords have a pet policy in place which sets out the: type, breed, size etc of pets they would allow in the property.

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